More than 50% of all women have two or more births. There are no guidelines for the management of subsequent pregnancies when a mother has experienced problems in her first pregnancy. Some evidence indicates that interventions (such as caesarean) or outcomes (such as bleeding) may recur in subsequent pregnancy causing complications or risk. The likelihood of recurrence of complications has rarely been examined. Knowing long term risks of pregnancy conditions and management of these conditions is vital for women and clinicians making decisions about childbirth.

The PRaMM researchers are using the linked population health data on over 194,000 NSW women which allows us to look at repeat pregnancies experienced by individual women and to investigate whether particular conditions are likely to recur.

Some of our current projects include:

• Assessing maternal conditions or interventions occurring in one pregnancy and the risk of it occurring in a subsequent birth. Examples include caesarean section, major bleeding following delivery, preterm birth, stillbirth and breech presentation

• Determining the rates, trends and determinants of antenatal hospitalisations of mothers during pregnancy and infant hospitalisations in early childhood

• Assessing baby’s health at birth (including size) and their subsequent health including hospitalisations, risk of type 1 diabetes, asthma and sleeping problems in the first few years of life  


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