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Our research aims to promote best outcomes for babies who have been born prematurely by participating in numerous international multicentre clinical trials to provide evidence and a basis for changes/improvements in neonatal care. Recruitment for two of these trials has been completed with another four trials currently recruiting.

Some of the areas of investigation include: 

• Benefits of oxygen supplementation for newborn infants: It is universally accepted that supplemental oxygen can be lifesaving in newborn infants with respiratory distress. These studies analyse whether clinically significant changes occur as a result of oxygen saturation in relation to blindness, differences in mortality, chronic lung disease and long term growth 

• Impact of repeat doses of corticosteroids for the prevention of neonatal respiratory distress: Infants born preterm are at high risk of neonatal lung disease (Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and longer term implications.
This study investigates whether or not the use of repeat steroid treatment has harmful effects: 
- to the mother or baby including the baby’s growth and development 
- through potentially increased susceptibility to infection 

• Use of probiotics: This study investigates whether adding probiotics to the milk of very premature infants reduces the incidence of serious infection (sepsis),.
Additional areas of investigation included 
- Probiotics and the prevention of eczema 
- Probiotics and the elimination of food allergies. 

• Australian Placental Transfusion study: This study will investigate placental blood transfusion as a low-cost, simple cardiovascular intervention to potentially reduce morbidity and mortality in very preterm infants.  


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