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Premature birth is birth before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. It occurs in 6-7% of all pregnancies. If birth is very premature (less than 28 weeks) babies may not survive the first few fragile days of life.

Although advances in care around birth have improved survival over the past two decades, some families still face the loss of their precious baby because they are born too early, too small and too weak.

Premature birth occurs as a result of a decision to deliver a baby early. This may be due to the baby growing poorly or the mother having life-threatening high blood pressure. In other cases, however, premature birth occurs spontaneously following waters breaking early.

PRaMM researchers are investigating the role of infection - and the organisms that may be responsible - for causing preterm birth. Separate studies are being conducted to determine the effectiveness of treatment of infections for the prevention of early birth……
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Outcomes for Premature Babies
Report by Perinatal Services Network for NSW Health
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Professor Jonathan Morris supports Cromer mum through two preterm labour experiences.
Research is the key to finding solutions so that other families do not have to suffer the angst of this Cromer family…
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Jake and Lincoln - both happy and healthy

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