For some families, the unexpected happens in pregnancy. Naturally, these mothers and their families desperately desire that same thing does not happen again – either to themselves or to others.

We still do not know what causes many of the complications in pregnancy. For example we do not know:

• how to stop babies being born very early
• how to stop a mother’s waters breaking early
• ways to improve a baby’s growth
• what causes most of the babies that are stillborn near the end of pregnancy to die

The answer to these problems at the moment does not lie with the purchase of expensive equipment or employing more doctors, nurses and midwives. The answers will come from research.

Research is about making known what is currently unknown.

Research offers hope for those who have been affected by hopelessness.

Research provides answers in areas for which currently there is only angst.

Our Research is focussed on evaluating current clinical interventions and assessing models of care in order to determine the most appropriate course of action for those who experience difficulties during pregnancy or during the birthing process.


If you want to contribute to finding solutions to complications in pregnancy

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